Artist Roster

  • WhyNot Duce

    23 years old from Waverly, VA WhyNotDuce is one of Virginia’s most relatable rising lyricsts who has been able to turn a lifetime of trials and tribulations into a blossoming rap career. As he heads into the next era of his career with Heir Wave Music Group, his inspiring story rings truer than ever. He’s proof that anyone can make their story into their dream musical career.
  • Shaolinn

    19 years old from Virginia Beach, VA Shaolin’s warm voice and kindred spirit have bore a sizable hole in a sturdy, metallic industry in need of a softer side. The rising singer, who’s in the earliest stage of career, has won over some of music’s greatest minds in her relentless pursuit of transforming the world at the junctions of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative music.
  • Juviee 2’es

    20 years old from Virginia Beach, VA Juviee 2e’s is the blossoming rap star out of Virginia who has made huge splashes with his violent, flooring, and blood-curdling raps. His ability to channel aggression into catchy songs is unlike anyone in his age bracket, leading to Pusha-T signing him to his record label,
  • Soundboy Kwad

    21 years old from Stafford , VA Kwad is a deft lyricist who brings the authentic atmosphere of the streets across in his authentic, introspective, and visceral music. The TK-year old lyricist is building a fanbase out of people who are eager to get a true picture of what he’s experienced, and he’s also become a part of Pusha-T’s Virginia-focused record label,
  • Kahri 1K

    21 years old from Petersburg, VA If you want to understand what the street life is like in Virginia, Petersburg to be specific, Kahri 1K is the artist that you need to be familiar with. The first signee to Pusha-T’s record label Heir Wave Music Group has epitomized the meaning of making lemons into lemonade by bringing a rough, but sweet,
  • Leeto

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