Artist Roster

  • Shaolinn

    19 years old from Virginia Beach, VA Shaolinn's warm voice and kindred spirit have bore a sizable hole in a sturdy, metallic industry in need of a softer side. The rising singer, who’s in the earliest stage of career, has won over some of music’s greatest minds in her relentless pursuit of transforming the world at the junctions of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative music.
  • Leeto

    Leeto is a 15-year-old lyricist from Woodbridge, VA set to be the frontrunner of rap’s next generation. With music running through his bloodline thanks to his father being a concert manager, one of his uncles being a musician for more than two decades, and having another uncle who was an A&R for Sony in the 1980s, put
  • WhyNot Duce

    23 years old from Waverly, VA WhyNotDuce is one of Virginia’s most relatable rising lyricsts who has been able to turn a lifetime of trials and tribulations into a blossoming rap career. As he heads into the next era of his career with Heir Wave Music Group, his inspiring story rings truer than ever. He’s proof that anyone can make their story into their dream musical career.